2020’s Demands – Try New Things!

Over the last year, Crayons to Computers pivoted time and again in response to the rapidly changing conditions during COVID-19. From drive-through distribution of standardized kits (in August) to a brief time of shopping by appointment (new) and from the Mobile Outreach Program being used for deliveries (a pivot) to the advent of online ordering for curbside pickup (new!), the last year has provided a laboratory for research and development.

In early January, Crayons conducted a survey of teachers to learn their thoughts about the pivots, their satisfaction with the online ordering experience and hopes for Crayons shopping in the future and how they value “Choice Shopping Items” (new and gently used donations of used books, small office equipment, seasonal items, fabric samples and other items received in small quantities or as unique items). We learned a lot, including that 72% of teachers want to shop both online, in person (in varying ratios) and that 85% of teachers find classroom value in “Choice Items” and more.

While we continue to fill online orders, the Crayons team is turning our attention to the design of the post-pandemic Crayons 2.0—and how our distribution channels actively can co-exist in support of teachers and their students in need.

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