About Us

Cincinnati Cares seeks to inspire and empower people and organizations to engage in helping that matters to Greater Cincinnati, and themselves.

Cincinnati Cares is solving two problems — reversing the twice-the-national-rate-of-decline in local volunteerism and ending the lack of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in our region’s nonprofit boards. Through innovative technology, Cincinnati Cares has become the most popular way for Greater Cincinnatians to find a way to help. Through rebuilt and first-in-the-country AI and machine learning, our board platform is connecting nonprofits to hundreds of board candidates. Cincinnati Cares is the only organization in the region 100 percent focused on the volunteer. By engaging individuals and businesses through technologies to connect to our region’s nonprofits, Cincinnati Cares is creating a healthy, vibrant and connected community. Cincinnati Cares is also improving the volunteer experience by leading nonprofits in a change-management system proven to advance missions through greater volunteer engagement.

To learn more about we engage businesses and nonprofits, go to In Cincinnati Cares, where businesses and nonprofits can select how we can help them inspire and empower their leaders and people to engage in volunteering that matters to Greater Cincinnati, and themselves.

Our work is made possible through our parent 501(c)(3) organization, Inspiring Service, who is providing innovative solutions to inspire and empower people and organizations nationwide to strengthen and improve their community and themselves.