Dispatchers thank Kyle Plush foundation for cookies

The family of Kyle Plush, the 16-year-old who died after being pinned in the back of his family van, is transforming grief into action.

Before Kyle died on April 10, 2018, of asphyxiation, he called 911 twice. But dispatchers and police were unable to locate him in the parking lot at Seven Hills School.

The Kyle Plush Answer the Call Foundation is looking for solutions to improve 911 systems.

The foundation also supports dispatchers and their supervisors “to be their best selves each day as they manage over 650,000 emergencies per day.”

And last week support for 911 operators came in the form of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

The cookies, supplied by the Bake Me Home nonprofit, were delivered to 911 dispatchers in Hamilton, Clermont and Kenton counties.

Hamilton County’s dispatchers thanked the Kyle Plush Answer the Call Foundation via Twitter.

“Thank You from our 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers to the Kyle Plush Answer the Call Foundation for the special cookie delivery. The Plush family is delivering cookies to every 9-1-1 dispatch in Hamilton, Clermont and Kenton Counties.”

Also on Twitter, Bake Me Home said it was “Honored to support @kyleplush and our 911 call center employees with #bakemehome #cookies.”

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