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Trail Day Rebuild

June 1, 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
10245 Winton Rd , Cincinnati, OH 45231United States
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  • 3 Hours

  • 16+

  • 35+ Volunteers

What we'll doWork on the trail surface, take out old structures and remove invasive plants and litter.
Who can do itAnyone 16+

Volunteer to give our beloved Kingfisher Trail a new look! Honor National Trails Day by putting the finishing touches on a re-route that will eliminate erosion and create a sustainable trail for future hikers.

10245 Winton Rd , Cincinnati, OH 45231United States
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5 hours ago

Great Parks of Hamilton County

It’s #WorldTurtleDay, and we’re pretty sure we have the cutest turtle ever: Norbert, our two-year-old snapping turtle at Sharon Woods. Meet him and learn all about turtles on our live video from this afternoon! buff.ly/2X4G5T0

Great Parks of Hamilton County
GIVEAWAY: Happy World Turtle Day! We’re at Sharon Centre with Ashley Moore and turtles Myrtle and Norbert. We’ll be giving reusable metal straws to the first 10 people who comment, so ask your turtle questions!
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9 hours ago

Great Parks of Hamilton County

GIVEAWAY: Happy World Turtle Day! We’re at Sharon Centre with Ashley Moore and turtles Myrtle and Norbert. We’ll be giving reusable metal straws to the first 10 people who comment, so ask your turtle questions! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks for joining us! We'll message the first 10 commenters to give you your straws!

We love all the turtles in the lake!

Love the turtle,!!

Ashley Moore you look awesome. Great job!!!!

Great job Ashley!

Are box turtles protected ?

Are red ear sliders native?

What’s the lifespan of turtles?

What is the smallest turtle?

Where do they go in the winter?

How long does it take them to reach full size?

how big do they get?

What type of native turtles are in the area and are there any in the area that aren’t native?

How big is the world’s largest turtle?

Do turtles fill up at the shell station?

Hello fro Indiana

How can you tell how old they are?

Hi guys! What's name says my boy?


Way to go Ashley Moore! You are a celebrity!

So cool!


Go Ashley!🐢

David Ackermann

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16 hours ago

Great Parks of Hamilton County
Whats your favorite Great Park for a breath of fresh air?

What's your favorite Great Park for a breath of fresh air?Spring is the season we open windows to let winter escape and spring blow in. Great Parks preserves 10,000 acres of forested land--more than any organization in Hamilton County--protecting trees that supply fresh air.

Join us today to continue to champion the story of American conservation. 🌳🌎🍃


#greatparksforever #greatparks #springincincy #trees #forest
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Sharon Woods

Winton Woods!


DYK: Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve holds theme weeks all summer long, and the first one starts this Friday! See and learn about some of Ohio’s favorite frogs and toads during Frog Week. Each day May 24 through May 28, there will be live animals, activities and a craft for kids at the Ellenwood Nature Barn. Find all our theme weeks at buff.ly/2ws5gDQ. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

This message is for who runs Great Parks of Hamilton County. Today all of us at Steamboat Bend Campground received an email that the campground is closing for good November 2019. To give your facebook followers an idea of how Great Parks of Hamilton operates please listen to my story. My husband I have camped here for 12 years. When we came the park was totally full and continued to be for a few years then things started to go down hill. I have never seen the park system try to promote Steamboat Bend to make it any better. Then there was an electrical issue they said. So they fix a small portion of the campground for us seasonal folk. We were thrilled to have just that. NOW THEY ARE CLOSING THE ENTIRE PARK ALONG WITH PICNIC AREA AND BOAT DOCK because they can't afford to clean it up when the river floods, which all they do is clear debris and throw gravel down. To conclude, the main reason for trying to make people aware....this is not only happening here but at a lot of the parks in the Cincinnati area due to MISMANAGEMENT of The Great Parks of top management and now we have to pay the consequences. Rah Rah Bill Mowrey and all of you above him. YOU WIN. Happy? ... See MoreSee Less


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Well said. They have been wanting this for a long time and finally got their way. We love this place as does everyone else who stays there. The river does not flood all the time, but still this is one of the reasons why we hear it is closing. The boat dock will remain open, but that too was an effort to have open much. I can only say that we will truly miss our little piece of heaven, even if it was sort of left by the wayside by Great Parks.


I totally agree! We have been camping there for approximately 9 years. All neighbors mowed their lots, planted flowers and took pride in their lots without any help from Great Parks. We have become family. Great Parks has not invested any money into this campground . This campground could show a return on their money as we have seen all 55 sites full over the past years. There has been a waiting list the last couple of years of people wanting in but they would only open 20 sites. This isn’t the 1st park they have closed this year. Miami Whitwater waterpark has been closed-they don’t want to invest money although these people voted for the levy to repair their water park. Where’s the money going? Great Parks, invest in some more walking trails-you will get a big return on your money! I think all the board should leave not just the president. Someone has cloudy vision there!

You could never get in to camp. Adams county has great parks and Pike county 🤠

What a view from our campsite at Steamboat Bend. Sadly we will not have this view after Nov. 2 because the GP board has elected to close this campground. They had a bunch of lame excuses including flooding. In my 9 years here I’ve seen water in the campground 3 times, but only once was it high enough to reach the electric boxes. We have been told for several years that Steamboat would get electrical upgrades. Well, the levy passed and GP decided to close Steamboat and spend the money on something else. If this campground were properly operated it would generate enough income to be nearly self sustaining. It’s a shame that a few people can generate as much animosity among the users as this board of directors.

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