Igniting Hope. Changing Futures.

At NewPath, we do more to make a difference —more for each child, each client, and our community. Our dedicated team does what it takes, day and night, to get to the heart of every case and deliver the best care. Backed by a full breadth of services, we cater to each individual and answer to every need. We reach more ages with more experts for more results. Every program offers the opportunity for change, every plan improves lives, and every person ignites hope, one success story at a time.

We care for nearly 5,000 children & families a year who are struggling with Mental Health and Behavioral Concerns. Our programs and individualized services provide healing, hope, and opportunity for children, adults, and their families by focusing on the specialized treatment and educational needs of the individuals we serve.

What was once an orphanage founded in 1829 has evolved into an innovative agency with a strong connection to our heritage and history dating back two centuries.


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