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Board Member

Our board The Board of Trustees exists to uphold and preserve the integrity of the mission of the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. The Board accomplishes this goal through financial oversight as well as through accountability of the leadership of the organization.
Position While we are open to any interested Board members, we are specifically looking for Board members with a variety of different skill sets to complement our growing Board:
  • Grants & fundraising
  • Finance
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing, PR & social media
Desired skills
Finance, Fundraising, Grants, Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media
When quarterly on Saturday morning, 10:30am-Noon
Where Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra offices in Northside
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation We require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
Requirements The Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra is a volunteer-run organization where Board members have a chance to be directly involved with the administrative roles that help put our jazz music and education on the stage and in the classroom. Expectations and Requirements: 1. Board members are responsible for the oversight of the organization. It is the duty of each board member to support the organization’s mission: The Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (CCJO) is dedicated to performing unique, contemporary repertoire at a high artistic level, reaching the community through education, and promoting Jazz as a distinctly American cultural art form. 2. It is the responsibility of each Board member to know and vote on organizational policies, participate in strategic planning, and be familiar with all of CCJO’s programs and services. 3. It is the responsibility of each Board member to fully understand and be active in monitoring CCJO’s finances, income, and expenses; in planning and approving the budget; and in fundraising to meet the budget. 4. Board members are expected to advocate on behalf of CCJO. They should attend – and encourage others to attend – all CCJO performances and events. 5. Each Board member is expected to support CCJO’s revenue goals and participate in fundraising activities as described in the Financial Contribution section. 6. Board members agree to attend full Board meetings and committee meetings, and agree to participate in at least one standing committee each year.
On-boarding The CCJO has an official onboarding process that teaches about the organization's history, Board processes and upcoming events. During these one-on-one or two-on-one meetings, we will discuss the best committee and project connections for the incoming member.
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