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Our board
Position Women Together.  Changing Lives.  If you believe we are better together, than join us in our multi-generational collective giving network that started right here in the tristate! The Impact 100 Board of Directors is a working board (more details on this terminology here), comprised of approximately 21 women.  Each Director is a member who is a woman and has joined by 12/31 for the following calendar year.    It is through the Impact 100 Board of Directors that all programming, financial oversight, grant review, events, membership drives, recruiting efforts, marketing, PR, and social media are led by women ranging from 25 to 70 years old. Board terms are 3 years. The Board is divided into three Clusters:
  1. Identity & Operations ("Nuts & Bolts") marketing, communications, website, PR, largescale signature events, president, secretary.
  2. Nonprofit Relations ("Impact") overseeing the grant review process, facilitating focus area committees of members who review grants, and upholding compliance of grant recipients.
  3. Membership & Recruiting ("Hospitality") giving attention to positive member experiences (500+ members) and developing pipelines to bring in new members, developing DEI strategies, and hosting events.
Desired skills
Accounting, Communications, Data Analysis, Diversity/Inclusion, Event Management, Finance, Fundraising, Grants, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Web Design, Writing/Editing
When Third Wednesday of Every Month
Where JANCOA, Reading Road
Commitment 7+ hours/month
Donation We require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
  • Directors are expected to be full members, or be willing to become a member at the start of their board term. Those able are encouraged to be 110% Plus members ($1,100 or more) and to donate to the endowment fund, as they are comfortable.
  • A board term is assumed to be 3 years although board directors are asked to recommit each year. Directors are often encouraged to serve consecutive 3-year terms. Terms begin in January, but transitioning directors are encouraged to join in 4Q of the prior year to ensure a smooth assumption of activities.
  • Directors are asked to attend 80% of monthly board meetings and signature events. There are 4 signature events during the year in addition to the board meetings. There are 3-5 additional events of a more social or educational nature, which you are encouraged to attend if appropriate for you. Board directors are expected to pay for the events they attend even as volunteers.
  • An annual Board retreat is held (usually a Sunday in February) and attendance is expected.
  • Each Director has a specific job description from which they execute their responsibilities (the "working" part of the board) as well as their governing role.  Time commitment varies from position to position on the board and ranges from 6-50 hours/month. The average is about 8-10 hours/month.
  • Directors are not ‘required’ to bring in more members to Impact 100 but we hope that your enthusiasm for Impact will spill over as you talk to your friends, family and work acquaintances about your passion. If you would like to host ‘spread the word’ events you are welcome to but it is not a requirement.
  • No public speaking is required of board directors, but certain board positions will entail such.
On-boarding Interested Board Members meet 1:1 with our nominating chair to discuss interests and skills as well as future openings on the Board of Directors.  All future board members "shadow" her predecessor for approximately 3 months before stepping into their role. This includes attendance at a board meeting, a Board Orientation, and meetings with her predecessor prior to beginning the role officially in January of any given calendar year.  Onboarding documents are provided digitally and reviewed with the nominating chair and/or current president.
Our mission Impact 100 empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.
Additional Info Impact 100 empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community. Members join Impact 100 at $500 or $1,000 each, 100% of which is pooled together to make grants of $100,000 to local tristate nonprofit organizations.  Impact 100 started in Cincinnati,  Ohio and now has 65+ chapters all over the globe!