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Board Member

Our board MamLuft&Co. Dance's Board of Trustees is comprised of members, including an Executive Committee which is the Chair, Treasurer, and Vice Chair/Secretary. ML&Co.'s Board is primarily an advisory board that also volunteers on occasion. The Board is ~not~ a working board; the organization does not depend on the Board for day-to-day staffing. As with all non-profit boards, ML&Co.'s Board provides fiduciary oversight and governance. ML&Co.'s Board is vibrant, and the Members get along quite well. Meetings are low-stress and pleasant! Meetings occur quarterly. Business is also conducted via e-mail.
Position MamLuft&Co. Dance, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance lives through an innovative genre of dance, seeks engaged and vibrant volunteer board members.
Desired skills
When Evenings once a quarter, usually 6:30-8:30pm
Where Various locations in Cincinnati
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation We require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
Requirements - $400 minimum "give or get" contribution. Members are free and encouraged to raise or donate more. Amount may be discussed for adjustment on individual basis. Paid in full or monthly payments begun by December 31. - Any size contribution to ArtsWave campaign (can be made through employer). - Attend quarterly board meetings. Executive Committee members meet in addition one week prior. - Participate in half-day retreat, typically occurring in the summer. - Volunteerism: (a) assist in marketing efforts by hanging posters, distributing postcards, and e-sharing, (b) promote the organization to personal and professional networks, (c) assist at events [set-up, videotape, tear-down, lobby greeter], and (d) volunteer in other ways personally and professionally helpful. - Attend performances and purchase tickets to do so. Members are expected to donate value of tickets when unable to attend. (Tickets are generally $26 at most.) - Donate/provide food/refreshment/reception items as needed on occasion. - Sell ads in programs. - If fundraising events are to occur, purchase and sell event tickets. - Introduce at least 1 potential Board Member recruit per year. - Term-limits: 3 year term, no limit on returning. Officers: 2 year term, 2 consecutive terms before mandatory 1 year off from same office.
On-boarding - Meet with the Executive Director. - Meet with a current Board Member, if desired. - Attend a Board Meeting. - Attend a performance or other event if scheduling permits. - Current Board votes on candidate.
Our mission
Additional Info Email [email protected] for more information.