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Board Member – Fundraising

Our board
Position The board member responsible for fundraising oversees the organization’s fundraising plan and engages all board members in fundraising activities. The board member has strong community connections and networks, access and knowledge about individual, corporate and foundation resources, good people skills and an engaging personality and is comfortable talking about money and finances.
Desired skills
Grants, Fundraising*
When Monthly
Where On Reading Road or Via Phone Conference
Commitment 5 to 7 hours/month
Donation We require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
Requirements We are looking for board members that are passionate about disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and bridging the relationship between our youth and law enforcement. We meet monthly for a meeting. However, we have a Community Forum scheduled monthly with one day to walk the neighborhood to promote it before each forum inviting parents and community members to join us.
Our mission Our mission is to unite the community supporting parents and school administrators for youth development.