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Board Treasurer

Our board
Position We are a close-knit board who share an interest in the arts and helping those with disabilities. Our goal is to produce high-quality art from those with disabilities in the area. We are a young organization and presently applying for our 501 C 3 and developing our website. Many of our board members are artists from the area and there is a great creative atmosphere to our meetings and involvements.
Desired skills
Finance, Fundraising, Project Management
When Weekdays after 4:00
Where Main Public Library Downtown
Commitment 5 to 7 hours/month
Donation We strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements Since we are a young organization our board has been meeting every month and a half to every two months. Our by-laws call for quarterly meetings.
On-boarding A potential board member must meet with the Executive Producer and attend a board meeting.
Our mission