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Board Treasurer

Our board Our board is a working board however we are looking for board members in an advisory capacity as well.
Position We are looking for an experienced Board Treasurer or someone with the capacity to invest the necessary time to succeed in this role.
Desired skills
Human Resources, Strategy Consulting, Accounting*, Board*, Finance*
When 2nd Tuesday of each quarter
Where Conference call or local restaurant. Very flexible and open to meeting locations.
Commitment 1 to 3 hours/month
Donation We strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements BDK Board member expectations: 1. 2 year terms 2. Actively attend board meetings – quarterly meetings 3. Volunteer time & resources to establish successful events.
On-boarding The acceptance and onboarding process entails meeting with the current board of directors and for both sides to have an open conversation to ensure a mutual conversation. If the prospective board member believes in our mission and accepts our terms then the board would hold a formal vote to finalize the process.
Our mission