Local boutique turns your ‘Clutter 2 Care’

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — If you’re hoping to get rid of some items around the house, maybe consider donating them to a local nonprofit shop that helps with outreach programs.

Clutter 2 Care was founded in 2018 by Andy and Laurie Reagan as a way for them to raise money for children in Haiti. Since then, they have raised over $25,000 for children in need in the area and around the world.

“Our focus is the at-risk child,” Laurie said. “The marginalized child, the orphan child…”

They used to host mega-yard sales, but now they have their own storefront off of Fields Ertel Road. The couple said the storefront is really helpful now after a steady stream of donations came in during the pandemic.

“Things really exploded for us with Covid,” Andy said. “We ended up seeing a huge influx of donations and, frankly, it really took over our home.”

Now, Andy and Laurie sell all items inside of their store for less than $10, and the money raised at the store goes to a different nonprofit each month. In November, proceeds go toward Project Fireflies, which supports children dealing with trauma.

Andy and Laurie also put together “Love Kits” for $25 to be donated to children in need. The kits are made up of brand new socks, underwear, shirts, toiletries, a blanket and a pillowcase for a child in need.

“We believe that, regardless of your circumstances, you should be treated with dignity and respect,” Laurie said.

You can learn more about Clutter 2 Care and how to donate to them by clicking here.

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