Our Story

Conserving Land…Preserving History…and Sharing it with the Community

Valley View was founded 20 years ago as a grassroots effort to save 190 acres of land with high-value ecologic and historic assets before it was bulldozed.   In the beginning, our mission focused on acquiring and protecting the land. It took over a decade and significant effort to clear various hurdles, Valley View persevered.  We raised private grants and donations that we then leveraged threefold to win competitive state grants.  Having raised $4 million, today we own about 8% of the land in the City of Milford.  Our land is legally protected against future development through ironclad deed restrictions.

We fought to preserve this land because Valley View has tremendous ecologic and cultural assets to share. It is an ideal location for a wide range of outdoor recreation and academic fieldwork including environmental studies, historical investigation and creative arts.

We are a volunteer organization with just one paid employee.  In 20 years, we have just scratched the surface of what Valley View can become.  We have successfully developed and managed outdoor activities including: a community garden, a donation garden, a trail network for visitors, a destination for scout programs, various community service experiences, K-12 field-based activities to support core curriculum, after school programs and community events throughout the year.  We are nestled inside the I-275 loop less than 10 miles from more than 400,000 people. Beyond that, an even greater audience.  We have much more to discover and share.   The more people involved, the more we can achieve.

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