Pulling Back the Curtains: New Blessings in Every Challenge

The Motherless Daughters Ministry has been serving motherless daughters internationally for over 20 years. Some have deceased mothers.  Some have living mothers. These women have many different and many similar stories.  Some have lost a mother through death, some have experienced emotional absence, some have experienced mothers who have (had) narcissistic characteristics. All are motherless daughters.

Programs and events had been offered locally until now.  Churches and other sites would host the ministry and provide space and resources to meet the needs of their congregants and outreach community.  We have always embraced technology, (we were using Zoom in 2016), social media, website, blogs, support groups and Facebook helped us reach a larger platform of motherless women throughout the world.

When the Co-Vid 19 virus hit, we made decisions that upheld the safety and protection of our participants and volunteers.  Everything had to pause.  Our mindset and customer reach had to change to an online versus onsite.  Lots of volunteer hours and planning went into this.  Who knows how long this will continue?

Our funding and donations went down and our costs for new development went up.  We experienced a tremendous decrease in donations and grants as people struggled to put food on their own tables.

As with every challenge, comes new ways and new blessings.

  • We expanded our Zoom capabilities so more volunteers have accounts and access to do their work. Lots of education to be able to do this.
  • We developed a different business model. All programs are offered onsite (paused for now), online, and through e-learning.
  • We are developing individual self-paced e-learnings. The learning curve and number of volunteer hours for doing this is steep.  But with every journey, we will reach the summit.
  • We are developing a podcasting program, Nurturing Words: Voices of Experience with a release date in the near horizon.

We would love for you to join us as we grow!  Look below for some innovative ideas.  Got an idea to share?  We welcome exploring new territories.  Reach out to us at [email protected].

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