The Story of Three Valley Conservation Trust

The idea of preserving open land, green space, along the Four Mile Creek Valley in Butler County was first promoted in the early 1990s. After much research, it was determined that conserving / protecting green space could best be accomplished using conservation easements and land donations

The Trust was incorporated in 1994, by-laws adopted in 1995, non-profit status was granted by the IRS in 1996, and the first property was accepted for perpetual preservation soon after. Since then, over 200 property owners, mostly from Butler and Preble counties, have committed their land (over 22,000 acres) to be perpetually protected from development by conservation easements. Private landowners continue to use the land for farming, forestry, recreation, or other green-space activities, and they can sell/transfer their land as they wish. Three Valley guarantees that it will not be further developed.

Only one property is currently “owned” by the Trust, the Helen S. Ruder Nature Preserve,13.5 acres of riparian woodland that straddles Four Mile Creek just north of Oxford, Ohio. As part of the Trust’s commitment to conservation and stewardship, Ruder Preserve is maintained as a showcase of habitat restoration. An ADA-compliant boardwalk and parking promote visitation by everyone. Walk the boardwalk or trails along the creek to enjoy this riparian oasis.

For further information or to support Three Valley, contact [email protected] or call 513-524-2150.

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