Sherpas are not taking someone on hike, you are hiking with that person. Sherpas are part of a team that helps hikers using a Rosie or possibly hiking on foot. Training is offered throughout the year (in person and virtually) and volunteers are required to attend at least one session per year, unless otherwise indicated.

We are looking for retired or currently working teachers, school counselors, or other adults in the Greater Cincinnati area interested in promoting good character in classrooms to join the Education Team of the local Character Council. We meet virtually on the 4th Thursday of the month from 4 – 5 pm. Current tasks on our…

We connect our student with someone who can relate: a former college graduate who can share life experiences and give advice on successfully transitioning into college life. Coaches should have graduated college in the last 10 – 15 years and be able to support and guide students transitioning to college. Experience as a first-generation student…

We connect students with leaders in fields related to their majors – professionals who are well networked and adept at providing industry insights. Coaches should be college graduate well established in profession (10+ years industry experience) and be well networked and able to provide insights and connections in students field of study.

Volunteers that help on the day of events can be assigned anything from helping with setting up and tearing down before and after an event, helping with greeting guests at the door and passing out programs, working the raffle or refreshment stations of events, and more.

Volunteers with experience in the field of printmaking help maintain and operate the studio.

Help with events and corporations that wish to give back

Go through our facility and inventory what we have. When that is done. We need things moved to their proper place so everything is organized.

Spring into Action and Volunteer at the YMCA National Gymnastics Championship in Downtown Cincinnati. Join us June 21-25 as 1,700 athletes compete for the Gold and reach for the Crown. Many different volunteer opportunities are available, including Registration, Hospitality, Awards, Scoring, and more! Check out all of the opportunities at

We often need volunteers to help move materials, set up equipment for field trips, guide students between activities, help get life jacket on, or put canoes on the boat trailer. No matter what the task, you will be part of something fun and will be thanked by excited, smiling kids.

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