When crisis calls, Cincinnati Union Bethel answers

We mobilized quickly on the front end of this crisis, shifting operations and communications quickly in order to meet the changing needs of those we serve.  Our Off the Street participants and Anna Louise Inn residents have found a safe and self-contained community of support, with our staff responding to provide supplemental food, secure required medications, and offered emotional and addictions recovery support both in-person and via tele- or video phone.  By activating our crisis response plan over two weeks ago, we had already anticipated the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order and have continued our course of action.

And today we are humbled to assist our community’s essential front-line workers by offering pandemic childcare to their children.  Our high-quality Child Development Center will convert from normal operations to pandemic operations, welcoming children whose parents and caregivers work in nursing homes, hospitals, and as police officers or firefighters.

CUB has been responding to the needs of the Cincinnati Community since 1830.  Today is no different.  When crisis calls, CUB answers.

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