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Board Treasurer

Our board The Board of Trustees will be a diverse volunteer board - working and governing - made of individuals who fully endorse the mission and vision of A.L.T. Diversity of expertise is also desirable for achieving success such as: Judge or Attorney (Tax/Contract Law) Banker, Finance, or Investment Insurance (Malpractice) Education Specialist Public Servant/Official Restaurateur, Hospitality CPA Marketing, Advertising Development, Sales (x 2) Pastor, Rabbi, Community Leader Michelle Obama (a guy can wish can’t he?) Computers, IT, Design Theatre Specialist Other Trustees must be actively engaged participants over their two-year term who also serve on one of the sub-committees - Development, Education, Marketing, and Finance.
Position Refer to board description and other fields for details. Treasurer will be a finance expert (CPA, tax attorney, etc). As treasurer you will be the voice of objective prudence, help the board understand level of risk, and chair a finance committee if you need one to successfully support PAD in financial bookkeeping, filings and other data analytics.
Desired skills
Accounting*, Board*, Finance*, Human Resources, Strategy Consulting
When Monthly
Where In person and digitally
Commitment 3 to 5 hours/month
Donation We strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT: A.L.T. to be one of your top two charitable commitments Actively advocate for A.L.T. to both professional and personal network FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: Make an annual personal gift consistent with your commitment to leadership Identify and help cultivate gifts from others, both individual and institutional Purchase of two opening weekend subscriptions each season CHARACTER COMMITMENT: Candid, open, and transparent Communicator Passionate Collaborator Objective Challenger Complete conviction for A.L.T. Mission & Vision before personal gain
On-boarding All interested candidates whether peer- or self-nominated must submit their resume to the Producing Artistic Director (PAD) for consideration. Upon consideration, PAD will set up an in-person meeting with the candidate discussing where each sees the mutual benefit and review the board member expectations. Presuming both parties wish to continue, the candidate's consideration will go before the Board of Trustees. Once approved, the candidate will be extended an offer to join the board. At times candidates or board members may request to meet the other party.
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