Our mission Forever Kings Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to challenge the Social Norms, Explicit Biases and Stigmas associated with Boys and Young Men Of Color. It is our vision to cultivate a culture of brotherhood among the young men that we serve that empowers them to RE-DEFINE, RE-SHAPE, and REIMAGINE the outcomes for their lives. Not only do we want to change the way adolescent males of color see themselves, but the way society sees them. Our work to caters to young men's social-emotional and academic needs. As a trauma informed care organization we work to aide our members through becoming healed and whole!
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COVID-19 Relief

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The Kings Palace

We are in the process of opening our very first Kings Palace! The Kings Palace will be the headquarters for Forever Kings Inc. In this space we will house our administrative office, resource closet, and facilitate all our programs and events for our Kings. This space is called a palace because every King needs a… See full description
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In the day of remote and digital learning we are in need of laptops that our members will be able to use during their remote learning times. Our building is equipped with the WiFi students need to accompany the laptops. See full description
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About us Forever Kings Inc. is a nonprofit organization that exists to challenge the social norms, explicit biases, and stigmas associated with Boys and Young Men of Color. Our work is presently impacting young men in the Greater Cincinnati area. We design our programs to create brotherhood among our members that will empower them create their own narratives for their lives. Through the implementation of our three pillars Kinghood, Brotherhood, and Servanthood we ensure that our young men are prepared to be influencers in their communities and the world at large. We create opportunities for our Kings, to be exposed to environments and events that they wouldn’t normally have access to. As a trauma informed organization we aim to ensure that our members needs are being met in a holistic manner. Which includes academic, social-emotional, physical and esteem. We are on a mission to disrupt the school to prison pipeline and create a cradle to college and careers. This cause's our members to have the power to break the cycle of poverty they are likely to be living in. As our seniors graduate high school we want them to either enroll in college, employ in a career (learn a trade), or enlist in the military. At Forever Kings Inc. we believe young men aren't risks, but promises!